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How to Maintain Friendships After College

A group of friends gathered around a kitchen table, to socialize. There is a mix of men and women, and most of them are holding glasses in their hands, drinking and smiling to one another.

Remember those college days when friendship meant swapping Ramen noodles, pulling all-nighters together, and making last-minute plans to go out? Ah, yes, the good ol’ days when friendships were as easy as attending a 9 a.m. lecture in your pajamas. But then, something called “adulting” happened. Now, between 9-to-5 jobs, grocery shopping, and Netflix subscriptions, maintaining those friendships seems like a course you’d undoubtedly fail. So, how do you keep the friendship flame alive after college?

Why Have I Lost My Friendships?

Questions might be whirling through your mind, like “Why is it so hard to keep in touch?” or “Is it normal that I only see my friends when someone gets married?” As we transition into the adult world, a constellation of responsibilities and commitments materialize out of nowhere, making it harder to foster those human connections. Not to mention, your friends are likely in the same boat — juggling multiple roles, from being an employee to a partner or even a parent.

The signs are everywhere: messages read but unanswered for days, ‘let’s catch up soon’ texts that never turn into plans, or worse, social media becoming the only platform where you ‘interact’ by simply liking each other’s posts. Don’t beat yourself up; we’ve all been there. While it’s easy to fall into this pattern, remember that friendships are like plants; they need a bit of sunshine and water to thrive. And by that, we mean quality time and effort.

Simple Ways To Make Friends as an Adult

It’s easy to feel a bit down about the distance that has grown between you and your college buddies, but don’t despair! Reviving a friendship doesn’t require a grand gesture, just consistent small ones. And the good news? This can turn your social interactions into a source of joy rather than a chore.

Here’s how you can maintain genuine connections with your buddies:

  1. Scheduled Catch-Ups: Set a regular time to call or video chat with your friends. Making it a habit like your weekly yoga class or meal prep session will help it stick. And hey, Zoom calls can be as fun as those college parties (well, almost)!
  2. Plan Mini Reunions Once or twice a year, organize a small get-together. It can be as simple as a weekend camping trip or as extravagant as a vacation abroad. The key is planning it well in advance so that everyone can fit it into their busy schedules.
  3. Celebrate Milestones Birthday? New job? Random Tuesday? These are all great reasons to celebrate and reach out. Send a thoughtful text or even a small gift to show that you’re thinking of them. A simple “congrats” can go a long way.
  4. Utilize Social Media Mindfully Instead of aimlessly scrolling, use social platforms to genuinely engage with your friends. Comment meaningfully on their life updates or DM them an inside joke. It takes two seconds but brings you a step closer.
  5. Be There During Hard Times A phone call during a difficult period shows you care and reinforces the bond. Emotional support is like the Wi-Fi of friendship — unseen but essential.
  6. Invest in Shared Interests Whether it’s a book club or a fantasy football league, shared interests keep the conversation going and give you something to look forward to.

A take-home advice

While adulting might have changed the dynamics of friendship, its core remains the same — mutual affection and a dash of effort. Whether it’s scheduling monthly calls or simply commenting on their Instagram story, small steps make a big difference. So why wait? Pick one tip and put it into action today. Your college buddies are just a click, call, or message away.

So, are you up for reigniting those old friendships? Drop a comment below about which tip you plan to implement first or share your own life hack for maintaining friendships post-college.


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