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My Girlfriend Is Cheating on Me… What Should I Do?

A couple arguing because the girl was cheating on her boyfriend.

Hey friend, let’s get real for a minute. Those gut-punch feelings? Yeah, been there. Realizing, or even suspecting, your girlfriend might be seeing someone else? It’s like the floor’s been pulled out from under you. I’m here, arm around your shoulder, to walk you through it. Here’s what you might consider doing if you firmly believe your girlfriend is cheating on you:

First, try to understand what’s really going on

  • Verify if She’s Really Cheating: Ever thought you lost your keys only to find them in your pocket? Don’t act on a hunch. Dig a bit, understand the whole picture. After all, accusations can leave permanent scars.
  • Assess Your Girlfriend’s Past Behavior: Think back. Was she always loyal, or were there red flags? Sometimes patterns from the past can illuminate the present. But hey, remember, everyone can have a weak moment.
  • Calm Down: Before you act on your suspicions, you should take at least a week off just for yourself. Think meditation, a mini-vacation, or just diving deep into your favorite book.
  • Take a Good Look at Yourself: Were you so caught up in trying to be “Mr. Right”? Have you never paused to see your part in the grand play? Reflect on your role, actions, and contributions. It’s not about blame, but understanding.
  • Seek Proper Guidance: Sometimes an outside perspective, like a relationship coach, helps. They’ve seen many stories unfold and can offer actionable advice.

Then, talk to her and think about what is best for you

  • Talk It Out: When my friend thought her husband was cheating, she took him out for coffee. They just talked. Have that heart-to-heart with her. Seek clarity, find closure or maybe a new beginning.
  • Ask Yourself If It’s Worth Saving The Relationship: Imagine a ship. Is it just a storm, or are there leaks in your ship? Sometimes it’s about weathering the storm; sometimes, it’s about finding a new ship.
  • Reflect on Your Relationship: That vacation you both took to the mountains? Perfect! The last three months when conversations dwindled? Not so much. Understand the phases of your relationship. Was everything always hunky-dory, or were the clouds gathering?
  • Safeguard Your Health: It’s awkward, but essential. Both parties might want to consider getting checked for STDs. Better safe than sorry, right?
A couple looking at the horizon, finding themselves at a conundrum after an episode of infidelity.

Finally, make a decision and move on from the cheating

  • If You Decide to Stay:
    • Try to Forgive Her Fully: After an act of infidelity, couples can take years to rebuild the trust they had before. But if they want this path, forgiveness has to be total.
    • Define What You Want from Her: Moving forward might mean setting new boundaries or expectations. Reinvent your relationship playbook. Make it one that both of you willingly play by.
    • Create a Relationship That Works: Don’t just patch up the old walls and forget about the cheating. Construct a new foundation, stronger, more understanding, and, most importantly, mutual.
  • If You Decide to Leave:
    • Don’t Look Back: Sometimes the toughest decision is the right one. If your heart and mind align on this, pack your emotional bags and start your healing journey.
    • Have a Proper Breakdown: Let it all out. Cry, shout, or even sing your heart out. Emotions bottled up are just future emotional explosions waiting to happen. Process the pain; it’s the first step towards clarity.
    • Consider Therapy: Having that drama after breaking up? Therapy can be a lifesaver. A neutral perspective can be a beacon in dark times.
    • Give Yourself Time to Process Things: I once took three months just to process a breakup. Your heart’s not a switch; it’s a complex mess of tubes and wires. It’ll take time to understand, adjust, and heal.

Final thoughts: Romantic life after a cheating episode

Dealing with a girlfriend that is cheating is tough; nobody said it would be easy. But, no matter where you find yourself in this journey, remember, it’s about finding what’s right for you. It’s about rediscovering self-worth, boundaries, and the essence of genuine connection. It’s okay to feel lost; every path has its thorns. But each step you take, be it alongside your current girlfriend or alongside a new one, is carving out a more authentic you.

Your Turn: How did you handle trust issues in your relationship? Ever faced a similar situation and found a unique way out? Or are you in the thick of it and looking for some perspective? Drop your stories and thoughts in the comments!


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